Pugloo From Planet P

We're proud of ADI artist Adam Dougherty. His day job is that of sculptor, painter and designer here at ADI, but at heart he's a film maker. He's only in his 20's, but his personal style is an homage to pop culture of the 1950's and '60's. We were more than happy to support Adam's latest film, "Pugloo From Planet P", by letting him build and shoot right here in these hallowed halls. It features the most adorable Pug/Alien hybrid you've ever seen, as well as ADI Co-founder Alec Gillis rocking a vintage Bob Mackie gold lame jumpsuit. We'll be bringing BTS video of Pugloo in the future, but for now enjoy Adam's tribute to the power of childhood imagination that is... "Pugloo From Planet P"! http://www.kreaturekid.com/


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