Buckle Up, Buckaroo

The Buckle Up, Buckaroo and a 1000 Bucks Could Be For You Program started in April of 2017 thanks to voters' overwhelming approval of Proposition DCOH! Within a short amount of time, voters have already been rewarded with a program that has yielded rich results. Just another example of your tax dollars hard at work!


Brad Cuts Loose

Brad, an uptight office drone, seemingly discovers the perfect vehicle for letting off steam when an advertisement for a business catering to his innermost desires pops up one morning on his computer. Brad's subsequent visit to the business and encounter with its receptionist Janine, however, don't quite go as planned.


New Partner
A young hotshot cop...who keeps getting his partners killed.
St_Clinton Wed, 04/05/2017 - 09:26

“Magda” (SXSW)

A first love is corrupted as a man recalls his affair with a beautiful circus contortionist in this stop-motion animation of wooden manikins. At its heart, Magda is an off-center parable about lost innocence and the corruptibility of human nature. Visually, the film explores the use of extreme telephoto lenses, creating enigmatic scenes that reveal themselves over time, and ghostly figures drifting in-and-out of focus. Magda is filmmaker Chel White’s third adaptation of a story by radio artist and writer Joe Frank. (The previous films are “Dirt” and “Soulmate”.)